About Us

Founded in 2006, TOWD - Timothy Osterbeck Web Development is a sole proprietorship based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. TOWD was founded with the intent to serve the website design needs of small to mid-size businesses and organizations throughout the Wisconsin region. As a full service website design and web hosting service, our goal is to fulfill those needs at a reasonable price that fits within the constraints of a limited budget. As a small business ourselves, value is placed on the dollar and emphasis is placed on customer service. Your business is important to us and your projects will never be subcontracted out to other designers or companies outside of Wisconsin, or even worse, outside of the United States. Instead, TOWD offers the rare opportunity to sit down with a website designer and plan your unique website in a one-on-one manner. With this type of personalized service, you're sure to find the solution you're looking for to meet your Internet needs.